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2008 Virginia Cavaliers Scouting Report

2008 Virginia Scouting Report

SE # 80 Maurice Covington (6’4”, 225, SR, 8 starts, 3.0-star recruit)
LT # 75 Eugene Monroe (6’6”, 315, SR, 10 starts, 5.0-star recruit)
LG # 76 Zak Stair (6’6”, 300, SR, 0 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
C # 64 Jack Shields (6’5”, 289, SO, 0 starts, 2.0-star recruit)
RG # 65 B.J. Cabbell (6’6”, 304, SO, 0 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
RT # 61 Will Barker (6’7”, 315, JR, 13 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
TE # 85 John Phillips (6’6”, 250, SR, 8 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
FL # 20 Kevin Ogletree (6’2”, 189, JR, 0 starts, 3.0-star recruit)
QB # 7 Peter Lalich (6’5”, 225, SO, 0 starts, 4.0-star recruit)
FB # 31 Rashawn Jackson (6’1”, 253, JR, 3 starts, 3.0-star recruit)
TB # 37 Cedric Peerman (5’10”, 208, SR, 6 starts, 3.0-star recruit)

DE # 93 Alex Field (6’7”, 270, SR, 0 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
DT # 98 Nate Collins (6’2”, 280, JR, 0 starts, 2.0-star recruit)
DE # 99 Sean Gottschalk (6’4”, 275, SO, 0 starts, 3.5-star recruit)
OLB # 51 Clint Sintim (6’3”, 254, SR, 13 starts, 3.0-star recruit)
MLB # 54 Jon Copper (6’0”, 230, SR, 13 starts, 1.0-star recruit)
MLB # 58 Antonio Appleby (6’4”, 250, SR, 13 starts, 3.5-star recruit)
OLB # 45 Denzel Burrell (6’4”, 230, SO, 0 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
CB # 4 Vic Hall (5’9”, 180, JR, 13 starts, 4.0-star recruit)
SS # 22 Byron Glaspy (5’11”, 206, SR, 13 starts, 1.0-star recruit)
FS # 43 Mike Parker (6’2”, 200, SO, 4 starts, 2.5-star recruit)
CB # 19 Ras-I Dowling (6’2”, 200, SO, 2 starts, 2.5-star recruit)

Virginia average stars per projected 2008 starter = 2.77 stars
USC average stars per projected 2008 starter = 4.34 stars

Virginia average 2007 starts per projected 2008 starter = 5.41 starts
USC average 2007 starts per projected 2008 starter = 6.50 starts

IMPACT RECRUITS: This was not a great recruiting class, especially since Virginia head coach Al Groh has been known as a solid recruiter. rated this class #61 in the nation while rated it #62. That puts it at the bottom of the ACC along with Duke and Wake Forest! The standout talent of this group is 4.0-star RB Torrey Mack (6’0”, 195) out of Stratford, Connecticut. Mack was generally considered to be in the bottom half of the nation’s top 20 RB prospects. But with Cedric Peerman and Mikell Simpson sharing the workload at RB it is unlikely the Trojans will see Mack play on August 30th. The other recruits of note include LB/TE Cameron Johnson, DT Klinton Ruff, DB Ausar Walcott, and DB Rodney McLeod, all of which are 3.0-star recruits. Johnson is likely the most ready to play (after Mack) at the D-I level come August.

SPRING ANSWERS (from 1. Backers back: With three of four starting linebackers back -- all seniors -- there is still hope for the Cavaliers' defense, even without Chris Long. Jon Copper, who led the team in tackles as a sophomore and a junior, will be inside with Antonio Appleby while senior Clint Sintim returns to his outside post. Together they helped UVA allow just nine rushing touchdowns, the fifth-fewest in the nation. 2. Catching up: They might not know who will be throwing to them, but Virginia found a few players who can catch the ball this spring. Senior tight end John Phillips looked capable of helping offset the loss of Jonathan Stupar and Tom Santi, and receiver Kevin Ogletree finally returned after knee injury. Groh was also impressed with Kris Burd. "There were a lot of players who didn't get significant minutes last year who really progressed quite a bit," Groh said. 3. Peerman back: After missing the second half of the season with a torn ligament and broken bone in his right foot, Cedric Peerman was finally cleared to practice this spring. While Peerman was out, Mikell Simpson ran for 570 yards and eight touchdowns. If they stay healthy, this will be the first time in four seasons Groh won't have to replace his leading rusher.

FALL QUESTIONS (from 1. Quarterback: Former starter Jameel Sewell won't be around because of academic issues, and Peter Lalich has the most game experience, but Al Groh is still waiting to name his starter. Lalich played in eight of 13 games last year, compared with fifth-year senior Scott Deke, who has played one game in the past four seasons, and sophomore Marc Verica, who hasn't played yet. 2. Long gone: Not only is Chris Long gone, but so is everyone else on the defensive line. Senior Alex Field and sophomore Sean Gottschalk are the two most experienced defensive ends -- where Long and Jeffrey Fitzgerald must be replaced. Junior Jason Fuller is the only other player on the roster with any experience there, playing in five games over the past two seasons. 3. Kicker: Virginia has only one scholarship kicker on its roster -- redshirt freshman Chris Hinkebein -- and he struggled with his accuracy and consistency this spring. The Cavaliers' punter will like be either John Thornton or incoming freshman Jimmy Howell.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The numbers don't lie - we have better talent that is also more experienced who happens to be coached by a more highly regarded coaching staff than Virginia. Then again, the same could be said of Oregon State and UCLA two seasons ago, and Stanford last season. Typically we open the season with a bang (even against seemingly worthy opponents such as Auburn back in 03, Arkansas in 06), so I will be shocked (I'm talking Stanford level shocked) if we drop this one. I like that they have experienced linebackers and use the 3-4, prepping against a new look will undoubtedly help us when we face 3-4 defenses further in the season. If I recall correctly Stanford and Notre Dame are two of our opponents that use the 3-4. Are there any others? I read somewhere that Virginia plans on implementing a spread look, not unlike Texas Tech, so that'll be interesting to see as well. Basically, just please come away with no opening day injuries(Pinkard in 06, Cushing in 07)...


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